Next generation
of E-commerce

Shopping Experience beyond the big data
Innovation and sales driven approach
Faster and bigger volume buying process


New general user interface with seamless marketing impact. With patented technology and features we created a sales machine with unlimited interaction capabilities.



FLIP-Commerce is built on cloud based PRO-Platform compatible with TheBalthazar campaign management system and mobile app environment created for enterprise as well as the SME markets.



User oriented features and faster buying process were our focus when innovating the standard e-commerce systems.

Massive product portfolio?

The only solution for end-user is an intelligent dynamic adaptive system, serving the user with familiar products that they desire.
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Unique marketing and sales approach

  • Flexible CMS
  • Grid marketing engine
  • Product grid injection
  • Banner grid injection
  • Product grid exposure management - One page and all the info
  • Faster buying process
  • Bigger cart volumes
  • Happy customers

Unique user experience

  • Connecting the shopping process with user and community data
  • Patent pending functionalities
  • One-Click Multiple Product buy
  • Products first - Attributes later
  • Saving filtered views
  • Intelligent grid system
  • Public demand data
  • Social influence purchase
  • ....

Unique architecture

  • Multilayered administration panel
  • Connected to PRO-Platform
  • Connected to TheBalthazar CIM
  • Connected to your mobile APP
  • Centralized modular revenue stream environment
  • Managing digital conversions
  • Self-learning mechanics and BI rules managing
  • Prepared for enterprises
  • Elastic Cloud Infrastructure

Equip your Enterprise with E-commerce technology of the future.

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